Honduras – El Chaguite

Status: Complete

ChaguitePipesThe village of El Chaguite lies in a network of villages where EWB-USA Northeastern has been working for several years. After working with the people of El Tecuán to improve the reliability of their water distribution system, and then partnering with the indigenous people of Los Planes to design and construct a completely new water distribution system, EWB-NEU assessed nearby villages in need. El Chaguite’s water system was in complete disrepair, and the villagers proved willing to work with the chapter and learn to build and maintain a new system.


A team of students designed a new distribution system that features a reinforced brick and masonry 6,500 gallon water storage tank, a completely redesigned distribution system, and taps at all homes in the village. The project was completed in two phases, in 2008 and 2010.