Uganda – Nakyeni

Status: On-Going


Nakyenyi is a community of about 1,400 people in the Lwengo District of southeast Uganda. Members of the Nakyenyi community face many challenges when it comes to water, including contaminated and stagnant open sources, broken and low-production hand-pump wells, and long distances to collect water. In Nakyenyi, primarily children collect water. Not only does this place an incredible physical burden on the children, but it takes time that would otherwise be spent in school. In addition, the time and effort spent collecting water limits how much people will use, contributing to poor health and sanitation in the community.


The Nakyenyi Project began in 2018, after the Bbanda Distribution System Project was officially closed. The Bbanda project began in 2008 with similar goals as the current Nakyenyi project. Over 10 years, EWB-USA NEU designed, constructed, and monitored a community-wide distribution system with 11 tap stands, a 50,000 liter water storage tank, and a drilled well with a submersible pump. After hearing news that the Water Board in Bbanda had constructed an additional 6 tap stands to the 5 that EWB-USA NEU had already built, the Chapter felt it was best to apply their knowledge and insights from Bbanda to a new community. After a final monitoring trip in 2018, the Bbanda project was officially closed and the Nakyenyi project officially began.


EWB-USA NEU has currently taken two assessment trips to Nakyenyi. The goal of both these trips were to build community relations while simultaneously collecting data for design solutions to address the community’s water need. These trips have been successful, and EWB-USA NEU is currently in the process of analyzing alternative solutions for Nakyenyi’s water need with a goal to bring clean water to critical locations throughout town by August of 2020.