Our Partner Organizations


ACTS – Americans Caring, Teaching, Sharing

Americans Caring, Teaching, Sharing have been promoting healthcare and community development in the Yoro District of Honduras since 1986. All projects are initiated by the community; ACTS provides guidance and material resources. Among their accomplishments is the establishment of a rural clinic with nurse training, a regional library, and improved sanitation. To learn more about this inspiring organization, please visit: http://actshonduras.org/.


SHI – Sustainable Harvest International

Sustainable Harvest International was founded in 1997 to combat deforestation caused by slash-and-burn farming practices. SHI’s local field trainers work with rural families in Honduras, Panama, Belize, and Nicaragua to implement sustainable farming practices. Organic gardens, wood-conserving stoves, and community loan funds are just some of the projects SHI uses to improve quality of life in the communities where it works. Please visit http://sustainableharvest.org/ to learn more about this remarkable organization.


Village in Focus- VIF
(Formally Friends of the Sick and Poor – FOSAP)

Village in Focus is a community-based organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of underprivileged populations in Uganda who have been devastated by poverty and disease. Currently, VIF is working in the community of Bbanda to improve water supply, education, and health. To learn more about this devoted organization, please visit: http://www.villageinfocus.org.